The snowfall thickens.  By midnight drifts taller than Marguerite are heaped up against the abbey walls and Jackson has to struggle to get up the path to the gate, her boots full of slush, her knees almost numb.  At the door she finds Oscar on nightwatch. 

Extra Missing Moment update this week! Aren’t y’all spoiled. You can read it here!

Or see them all in the Archive!

Do you have any plans to introduce Lucifer into Sister Claire? Or is that a bit too cliche?

The pantheon in “Sister Claire” isn’t a mirror image of our world’s Catholic one.  The sexy blue toilet angel should be a tipoff. ;)

Outside the safety of a few small havens people have created, the real Hell in Claire’s world is the poisoned, war-torn land outside. The real “demons” live among (or inside) people. They’re called Shards.

There was once a being who was said to have power over these monsters, but she died a long time ago… or so it would seem.  Their most feared enemy, the nuns remember her as “the Horned One.



Early concepts for how to treat limbs on Steven Universe! 

I wanted to get the most anatomical information out of the least amount of lines. 

I mistook that drawing of Merriweather for Ash for a second there

I’ve told her like 5 billion times that she needs to cosplay her…


Merriweather was always my favorite…



I still think about this comic a lot.

Hey there lovely followers, do any of you go to SVA, specifically for cartooning/comics?

How do you like the school? What are the webcomic courses like?

I just figured out how to use the color exclusion setting on my camera.

I also discovered that with a good enough camera, you can literally take photos of trash and have it look like art.


this is my only hypothesis