Model: Adhiel

Photography. Emmanuel Giraud

I really love Lapis Lazuli’s concept as a character, but I felt her design could have been pushed more to make her look as iconic as the other gems. (Ash thinks she may have been inspired by Ghibli protagonists. I’m not sure.)

I also feel like a huge opportunity was missed to make a really awesome homage to Sailor neptune. How often do you design ocean-themed magical girls with mirrors?

While keeping most of the design the same, I personally would have given her longer, anti-gravity wavy hair, to give her a constantly underwater look.  Nothing says “ocean” to me like mermaid hair.  This may not have been used because it’s a pain to animate, but then again, look at Marceline:


Not making this post to say I hate Lapis’ design or step on her designers’ toes! Just musing about how I would have done things differently.


A new Missing Moment (written by summerlightning, as always!) starts today on Sister Claire! Read it here!


Crying for Freedom: Inside Hong Kong’s Revolution

more pics here..


No context necessary.

A lot of folks have asked what the influences on the Shard in Sister Claire were.  Shards are born from the energia, pain and raging emotions of people who have died traumatically (usually en masse) so I wanted the creature to look like a a physical manifestation of that.

Many correctly identified the influence of the creatures from Princess Mononoke.  I also wanted it to have a hint of dragon-ness (using my favorite dragon for inspiration) and Ash suggested looking at the eyes in Watership Down to give the creature a truly terrifying, manic look.

This is not the Shard’s only form, though. I’m excited to show how it will evolve! 8D

For more info on Shards, check out the Missing Moments! These in particular give some history:

Yesterday Ash and I went out with some friends to find an abandoned quarry we have been searching for.  It’s not listed on any maps.  The water is cool and bottle-green due to a (non-harmful) mineral in the water.  This also makes it uninhabitable for most creatures that would normally lurk in the depths, so I was less nervous about getting my toes nibbled on.

I don’t think we’ll be taking a dip again anytime soon, though, the season for that is over.  After our storms here the water was pretty cold.

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What's happening in Hong Kong????


Protests are happening in the Central & Western District, the Wan Chai District and the Kowloon District of Hong Kong since 22nd September, since Beijing withdrew their promise of universal suffrage for Hong Kong. These protests were meant to be and are PEACEFUL PROTESTS.

Yet police in riot gear are attacking crowds of UNARMED pro-democracy student protesters and protesters from the Occupy Central movement (a civil disobedience movement aimed at achieving universal suffrage occurring in Hong Kong). At least NOW TV, BBC NEWS, and APPLE DAILY have confirmed that pepper spray and rubber bullets are being fired at demonstrators and there is tear gas being launched into crowds and it’s spreading INSIDE the Central MTR station. 

Judging from all the photos and Apple Daily news reports I’ve seen, there are police stationed at Lippo Center, outside Lan Kwai, and Jordan + Tung Chung MTR stations look entirely closed off to everyone but the police. There are protesting crowds in Causeway, in Mong Kok on Argyle Street, in the HKAPA and Gloucester Road + Nathan Road are FILLED with protesters.

Hong Kong is no longer safe. Central has been paralyzed. 

There’s a live feed of everything that’s happening here



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