It’s that time of year when companies scrape the bottom of the barrel for ideas for “sexy” costumes

I am looking up Malaysian kites for “Nautilus” reference, but they are so beautiful I wanted to share. I wish I’d had one of these as a kid, although I was pretty fond of my Pterodactyl kite too.


another thing that really bugs me about race-gating and gender-gating romances in video games, in addition to limiting diversity and representation with the false notion of “realism” (hint: it’s neither realistic nor relevant to a fucking fantasy video game to offer only certain sexualities and racial preferences).

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when u give ur phone to someone to look at a pic and they keep scrolling


I’m looking at that la Repubblica list of Italian things from the 90’s that don’t exist anymore, and most of them are actually from the 80’s. :””) Italy was always a little slow… My cousins didn’t get CD players until the very end of the 90’s.



Ve le ricordate? Ecco gli altri oggetti anni ‘90 che non potete aver dimenticato


I’m having way too much fun with this comic 

What even prompted a hamster version of this song???

She just misspoke it and then rolled with it. XD


Olga spends all night digging graves for the victims of the Grace abbey fire.  She finishes just before dawn and writes a letter to Jackson with hands trembling and raw, and Abraham comes up the crest of the hill just as Olga’s heaving the bird into the orange sky. 

Olga gets a “pep talk” from Sister Abraham in today’s MissingMo… Read it here!

For a hamster sturdy husband,
Who builds hamster sturdy walls,
And never dreams that something might be coming~
Just around the riverbeeeend~
 Ash singing Pocahontas