Yeah, except that the vblog IS about reaching out to fans and asking there opinions. Nowhere in the video did it say “Marceline is totally gay for Bubblegum,” it was putting that possibility out there, and asking fans what they thought.

Also, haven’t they done similar things for lots of relationships in the show before, and asked for feedback on LOTS of things, like whether or not the genderbent episode should be made?

This is BS.

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    Ugh, if Marceline was a boy NONE of this would have happened in first place.
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    This. I’m not terribly pleased with Mr. Muto’s interpretation of the situation. I think I’ll bitch about it some more...
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    my face.
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    I don’t have any substantiation for this, and I realise it’s a pretty big accusation, BUT The vibe I’m getting is that...
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    que cara…?? en serio todo esto por el episodio donde Marceline le canta a la Princesa? ¬_¬ Dios! cartoon network y los...
  10. shenaniganza said: The Fionna episode was already in production long before any “fan feedback” was ever asked for, its a common practice. Studios do this to make the audience feel like they have some input into a show, and the hype generated acts as free publicity.
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