Few things can get me to wake up at 6am, but the possibility of swimming with dolphins is one of them.  Our effort was rewarded when we went to Kealakekua Bay this morning, and saw a pod (or perhaps two pods?) of dolphins.  As I swam out into the way, I could hear them before I saw them, faint clicks and whirrs and squeaks.  Then they slowly appeared in the blue, coming at us like slow, graceful torpedoes.  There were at least 30 or more all together, including two tiny adorable babies.

There were also a couple pairs of dolphins who swam together like lovebirds, often swimming with one under the other upside down, sometimes batting each other with their flippers like they were playing patty-cake. I’ve never seen anything like it.  They also swam side by side with their fins touching, like they were holding hands. So sweet. ;_; <3

They also seemed to like playing with a giant leaf they found, and the mom dolphin would trail it along with one flipper so her baby could chase it.

I kept extremely still, avoided splashing and kept my hands at my sides.  The dolphins would come and go, disappearing from view but always returning to swim right underneath us.  Some less experienced snorkelers, however, were flailing about like drowning insects and making a lot of noise, a couple even chasing relentlessly after the dolphins (a big no-no.)  It made me rather upset to see how disrespectful they were, this is exactly the behavior that makes the dolphins bolt for more reclusive areas.  They come here to rest, after all.  The ocean is not Disneyland, or your personal petting zoo.  It’s home to countless wild animals, and you are a guest.

  1. meteloides said: This is breathtaking. I hope I see something like it someday. I’m sorry people were being obnoxious and rude to both the dolphins and humans. I really love watching animals socialize ;~;
  2. hi-i-am-slait said: Shame about the other snorkelers, but it still seems like an awesome experience. =)
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