After your hijab reference post, I've been looking up hijab style tutorials. It's really fascinating... I had no idea there were so many! Do you follow any blogs about Muslim women? I'm looking for some on tumblr on my own but wanted to see if you had good starting places.

Yeah, it’s really interesting to learn more about it! A lot of non-Muslims don’t know the names of all the different types of headgear worn by Muslim women.  This is a useful graphic:

And yeah, since hijab are the most widespread, there’s many many different types and ways to wear them.  I don’t actually follow any Muslim women bloggers, but if any of my followers have suggestions, I’d like to hear them. =)

Also, on the subject of hijabs, today I was getting a lot of reference specifically of hijabs and muslim uniforms for women’s sports.  I found out about a lot of really badass Muslim ladies, like:

Ibtihaj Muhammad, fencing champion:

The Iranian Women’s National Rugby Team

A group of Indian Muslim girls at a school in Hyderabad training in the martial art of Wushu, a type of Kung Fu:

Muay Thai master Khadijah Safari:

Sara-Khoshjamal, Tai Kwon Do champion:

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