GUYS!!! Look what I got today!

Adventure Time #3 with cover B (my cover!) and Womanthology, with my page!

It’s days like this that make it feel really worthwhile to be a comic artist.  There’s nothing like seeing your work in print to make it feel “real.” <3

I’ve gotten reports from other people that Adventure Time # 3 is in stores and they were able to get the version with my cover already!  Check your local comic shop if you’re interested in snagging one. =D

"Womanthology" is also worth a look.  It’s a huge tome dedicated to spotlighting female comic artists.  Thanks to a very generous donation by my friend Ted during their Kickstarter, I got one page for myself.  (Hence why I crammed stuff about both “Sister Claire" AND "Nightingale" on the same page. XD)

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