there ARE speedos on the guys. not everything is sexism. tag tournament is about having fun. while I dislike the trailer myself, don't jump to conclusions on the other matters.

Orly?  Can you please link me to the trailer where they get a bunch of hunky cosplaying male models to pose scantily clad on silky fabric while wind gently toussles their clothing in slow motion?

 Because I was having trouble finding that one.

  1. vivisect said: yamino u r such a misandrist UNFOLLOWED!!!!1 Mens rites ftw!!! *dons fedora and walks into the sunset*
  2. thecolossalennui said: O SNAP. (Also, if they do find that video with the scantily clad male models, I wouldn’t be averse to seeing it. kekeke)
  3. thepasswordisiloveyou said: WAAAAH MISANDRY. ;_; lol
  4. j-burks said: I would totally play as one of the guys in a speedo with big jiggling parts. It would be priceless.
  5. poemfortheday said: *zing*
  6. torukun1 said: LOL I’m surprised it took this long for the “MALE VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS ARE SEXUALIZED TOOO” trolls to come out of the wood-work.
  7. sass-raptor said: Aaannnndddd this is why you are one of my favorite bloggers.
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