Inspired by Rosalarian’s latest post.

Cheese and fruit (any kind of cheese + grapes/pear/apple, this is customizable!) is a really easy to prepare healthy snack that isn’t designed to make you lose weight.    It does have vitamins and protein in it, though.  And tastes real good.  Prep time is the couple seconds it takes to rinse the grapes and open the cheese packaging.  You can easily stick this in a tupperware to eat on a break at work or whatever.

Often accompanied by crackers/bread and wine, but I’m just having some lemon tea.

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    And now you know why fruit and cheese is at all the fancy art galleries. It’s fast and easy to prepare! And is also...
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  5. darkndangel9 said: i keep thinking it’s a piece of cake so i click it to see the yummy goodness close up but it’s cheese and makes me sad. i want cake. y u no cake cheese
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    Reblogging because this looks SUPER tasty.
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    Nobody ever has to worry about me getting cheese in my diet. :P Yesterday, it was about 90% of what I ate.