I’ve already said everything I’ve wanted to say about “All The Little People,” but I want to correct one final thing.

A lot of people who disagree with me and have been reblogging my posts are putting words in my mouth and saying that I want the Adventure Time crew to change the story to suit fans’ headcanons (and make Bubblegum/Marceline canon.)

I have never said that fans are entitled to having the story changed to their whims.  As a creator myself, I hate that.  (That’s the exactly what ruined MLP with all its shameless pandering to 4channers.)

It’s one thing for fans to demand changes to the story (which is entitled and wrong), it’s another thing entirely to ask creators to not openly mock their fans in the show and in blog posts/formspring/etc.

I really, honestly cannot understand how anyone can twist what I said to mean “Fans should get whatever they want.”  Of course not.  They just shouldn’t be subject to ridicule by the creators simply because they enjoy the story in a way the creators didn’t forsee or intend.

And if you disagree with that, sorry, but you’re a huge jerk.

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    It’s their show, if they want to mock you, they can. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. There’s still no reason for them...
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    As a fellow content creator, I outright agree with this. When a creator is basically making fun of some of their fans,...
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    In response to this and also this - I can’t really agree. Making a joke at the expense of your fans is usually kind of...
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    Says the fan throwing a fit and demanding that the creators pander to their needs. How is Finn realizing that you can’t...
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    [[MORE]]yamino: Honestly, Yamino, if you can’t handle small jabs like that, then fandoms and cartoons in general are not...
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    While I don’t feel quite as strongly about “All the Little People” (nor do I agree that the brony references, as much as...
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  12. lamesor said: Ah sorry I misunderstood your intentions. I still don’t agree with your original assessment of their intentions, but you’re entitled to feel the way you do. Besides, I love seeing different perspectives! It helps us grow.