At Rosalarian’s suggestion, I tried ArtRage instead of Painter, and found it much easier and less complicated.  I’ll keep practicing, I am considering coloring the Kickstarter sketches this way.

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  3. quotidianheroics said: this screams julie andrews in the sound of music.
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  8. karmada said: I love ArtRage! I use it for all my inking work. It’s a lot less cluttered on the screen for me and I like the palettes “move” out of the way if you’re drawing near them. Have lots of fun with it!
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    I love ArtRage, it’s so nice and for some reason I feel more inspired to paint/draw with it :>
  10. robynne-hood said: You should try MyPaint! Its traditional media brushes are better than ArtRage in my opinion and it’s just generally easier to navigate. From an ex ArtRage user haha :3
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