I was looking through some old art files and found my Freen in Green work.  For those who have followed me since 2010 or earlier, you might be familiar with the band.  I was the lead singer (although I only sang two songs, and they aren’t my best work) but primarily I was the artist who brought our personas to life.  Much the the Gorillaz, “Freen in Green” is a virtual band and everyone who joined could make their own persona, and they each had in-character social network accounts for fan interaction.  It was a very fun project to be involved in, but ultimately I had to quit because I couldn’t juggle it on top of making “Sister Claire.”  But even though I’m out, the band lives on and has several tracks on Rockband!

You can see more of my F.I.G. art on my Deviatnart, and check out their sites:






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