I’m a little worried about one of my little girls, Licorice.  Since I first got her she hasn’t grown at all, and she is by far my smallest and thinnest mouse, barely weighing anything at all. Lately she’s spent a lot of time hunched over alone and generally seeming less energetic and active than she was when I got her. (She used to be quite the firecracker.)

Today I’m going to get her a small separate enclosure to live in with one companion, so she has less competition for food.  I’ll also get her a heating pad, and some mouse medication.  Ash says she shows the symptoms of a respiratory infection, except her breathing seems normal.  It can’t hurt to treat her for that.

It could also be a congenital disease, which is not rare for feeder mice like her.  If that’s the case, there’s not much I can do except to give her lots of food and warmth and hope she bulks up more. Please get well soon, baby. T_T

  1. lotuscorvus said: Try picking up some protein/nutrition drinks. My rats love the strawberry flavor. It helps a lot w dehydration and poor nutrition. Easy to find at most stores. Soak her food in it, she’ll probably love it.
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    Sweet little Licorice! I hope she is well again soon. My best to you both.
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  4. hi-i-am-slait said: Aw, Best wishes for her. =(
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    Licorice is on my mind, Yamino. I hope she starts improving soon.
  6. soul-of-steam said: Good luck, Yamino. I hope Licorice gains some weight real soon. >_<”
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  8. beyondhumanbelief said: Idk much about mice from vet teching; you’re right to separate, if her condition doesn’t improve check her skin (pull and see how long it takes to come back, she may be dehydrated if longer than 2 sec) that’s all the advice I know, hope it helps
  9. tyler-quinn said: I’m sorry. ): Man, I can’t do mice… Even when they live a “full” life, they only live a couple years tops. My girlfriend had two mice that I got attached to, and I was heartbroken when they passed away.
  10. vanessarama said: :( Poor baby! Hope she gets better.
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    Aaaw, poor baby
  12. teelahselai said: oh! she’s so tiny! I hope she gets better, what a sweet little thing ;__;
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    Oh god shes so tiny… She looks like one of my field mice when I had them.. I really hope this little girly gets better...