How to stream with your computer’s sound + your microphone with Livestream Procaster

I’ve had a couple people ask me how I can play music and talk on my mic during livestreams. When I used Ustream, it was a very complicated process, but with Livestream Procaster it’s very easy!

In this window, you can select all the sound inputs you want.  

You will need to add the sources of audio. (Bottom left button.)

Add your mic’s audio by finding it in the drop down list.

Add “Speaker’s Audio” to include any sound from your computer- this includes music you are playing in iTunes/Spotify, Skype calls, games, etc! so make sure to turn off anything you don’t want the viewers to hear.

When you have added all the sound sources you want, you can test how they sound with the headphone monitor.  Be careful though, if you have Speaker’s Audio on, you could get a loud echo.

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