Calling all female comic artists: The Sugar Ninjas want YOU!

A former SCAD professor of mine, Bob “Ana May” Pendarvis, has been organizing a comic anthology called the “Sugar Ninjas.”  This year, they are once again seeking entries from female comic artists of all kinds to submit their work. (I myself was featured in the first anthology, the first and only time Sister Claire has been in print!)  

Here are the submission requirements.  They accept established and aspiring comic artists of all levels. 

Edit: Some people have asked if the requirements mean “female bodied” only. I am not organizing the event, but I am sure that anyone who is not a cis male is welcome to join.  This is about promoting minorities in comics, and as men are the majority, so you needn’t worry about that.   In fact, I think he would really like to have some trans women included in the group- but I will email him about it.

A note from Bob: 

While we are very “pro-girl”, we are by no means “anti-boy”. Bob had a great time teaching guys, too, and doesn’t want anyone thinking he failed to notice how talented they were. Still, the SUGAR NINJAS exist to promote the idea that girls can be just as creative as boys, and that seeing how we are in the 21 century, gender should be considered irrelevant. The comics industry has been a notorious boys-only, “girls not allowed” club for most of its existence. Even today, the average mainstream MARVEL or DC comic is much more likely to have been written and/or drawn by men, not women. There are all sorts of reasons and excuses for this situation, but it is an undeniable fact. The SUGAR NINJAS hope to help create a greater appreciation for the potential of using more female creators and publishing material geared for all people!

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