Thank you for that advice. It was very helpful and helped me release that for some reason i had this silly idea that one could only make a comic if one had some sort of art degree. Trying my hand at a web comic i something i've often considered but never tried. Sorry to pry for so much info, but how would one go about starting? I dont wanna post on DA bc theres too much art theft. How does one post on hive works

Start by Googling around.  There are already plenty of guides on how to start a comic, from everything to how to make the site and suggestions for  your planning process. (Here is one to start you off.)

Hiveworks isn’t a generic comic hosting site as much as a cooperative that is currently run on an invitation-only basis.  In the future we may open up submissions, and if so there will be an announcement and instructions on how to do so. =)

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