Did you know there is a “View” option in Photoshop Cs5 (and possibly earlier?) to check your image’s compatibility for colorblind people? I had no idea!

I thought this was worth mentioning, since it was brought up when I made my last color tutorial. Good to know! (Gack! Sister Claire looks pretty different this way!)

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  2. boozairob said:… Simulated colourblundess in realtime around the mouse =D
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  4. rosalarian said: I know CS4 has it as well. It’s a really good tool. Or it would be if I could calibrate my monitor correctly. :/
  5. brikit said: Looks like that’s something from CS4 or 5, because I have 3 and I don’t have that option. : ( That’s pretty awesome though.
  6. kismesister said: Aw, nothing for mine? Sad! Then again I guess mine is the rarest (and it’s only one eye ANYWAY, so…)
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    … well poo, I’m still on CS2.
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    OMG I didn’t know that! That’s so cool! *has CS5*
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