Let’s Draw Oracle!

It’s official, DC has decided to reboot Oracle back to being Batgirl.  This is a pretty crushing blow to disabled superhero comic fans, and those who support them.

You guys, I think we should do a big Oracle Draw-a-thon, to support visibility for disabled characters in mainstream comics, and comics in general.  Heck, it doesn’t have to be just visual art.  How about an Oracle Create-a-Thon? Whatever it is you do, fanart, fanfic, music, sculpture, cakes…. let’s do it!

Who’s with me?

It would be great if someone would like to help me organize something. Because, uh, I can’t organize very well. We should maybe make a tumblr just for this to post submissions to. Or perhaps find an Oracle-themed tumblr to spam.

  1. bluedelliquanti answered: I drew one! tumblr.com/xwd2y4d…
  2. ringjo answered: Count me in! :)
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  6. clock-workable answered: I got a few pic ideas stiring
  7. mitsuki-zi answered: I’m in! I love the Oracle and the series she’s in.
  8. leechbrain answered: I’m no good at organizing either, but I will DEFINITELY draw, so. Bring it on!
  9. objectorbit answered: As someone who is physically disabled, I do not see the problem with this. It’s pretty minor on the scale of things DC/Marvel do.
  10. morgan-aleghieri answered: Well, I do need a (small) break from drawing Dragon Age 2 fanart. *starts drawing Oracle*
  11. slureads answered: Eeeeeee count me in! :)
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  14. peppers-pray answered: I’M IN. ABLEISTS & HATERS CAN KISS MY FAT LATINA ASS.
  15. ealperin answered: I’m in!
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