You know I love you guys because I stayed up late on my wedding night to post this Sister Claire update! Read it here!

This is the last page of our New Year’s special, written by my wife Ash and illustrated by me.  If you enjoyed it, please leave a comment!  If we get enough positive feedback, Ash and I will continue doing more stories like this as extra content alongside the main comic, mostly to flesh out backstories and histories we don’t have time for in the main comic.

Next Monday’s update will be delayed, because even though I was up late on my wedding day to finish this page, I will be spending my last day in Hawaii soon (sob sob!) and then will be on a long journey home, so I won’t have time to work on it.  But stay tuned, because a whole new scene is about to unfold as we catch up with Claire, Catharine and the twins! <3

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