For the second half of our adventure, we went to S&T Soda Shoppe, which serves awesome sundaes (mine had pure cola syrup poured on it) as well as savory food, which we were tragically too full to sample.

We also visited the Phoenix Bakery, which makes incredible sculpted and decorated sweets, including the Frozen and Tangled-themed cakes pictures above (The latter was priced at about $375!). I told Ash we gotta have them make our wedding cake for our reception this June.  Maybe a giant Frozen themed cake.  You know, to help pretend we aren’t all melting.

One of the most exciting stops was Beggars and Choosers Antiques, where they have a giant 3-story collection of all sorts of antiques and collectibles, including a replica of the Michael Jackson “Thriller” jacket (modeled above by moi) and something I always get excited about: 60’s and 70’s fashion patterns. I could care less about the patterns themselves since I can’t sew, but I secretly took photos of every single sample image for character design reference. The two pictures above are just a tiny sample. I’m planning to post some sketches of characters wearing some of these retro outfits soon!

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