RE: “Derpy” and abelism

This picture just popped up on my deviantart dash: [trigger warning for abelist bigotry]

I don’t see how people can still try to make the argument that the majority of fandom doesn’t treat her as one giant retard joke, when pictures like this are so rampant in the community.  It’s not even funny.  I honestly don’t get the appeal.

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    yes, because this...deffinatly describes...everybody see’s...
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    Just so you guys know, Kevin Bolk has one of...anyone I know, he is
  11. ivysaurr said: While I agree that that’s a gross representation of the character and shouldn’t be accepted, I don’t agree that the entire fandom treats her this way. Rather. they praise representations that depict her as a hardworking mother and postpony.
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    The irony of this is that she’s associating what could just be a lazy eye—i.e. NOT retardation—with retardation.
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    I continue to fail to understand how Derpy Hooves generates such “controversy.” I don’t think she’s ever shown to be...
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    once again Yamino continues to miss the point (and continues to totally not see the irony in the fact that her whole...
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    Reblogging for what all Mu stated. I also edited out the picture, but linked to it in case you still would like to see...
  16. knightspendid said: I don’t find issue with the “Dare to be Stupid” thing, as a) stupidity is not a disability in and of itself, and b) “Dare to be Stupid” is a song by Weird Al Yankovic parodying Devo that has nothing to do with mental disabilities. But her face…no.
  17. irrefutablegentleman said: It’s the easiest and most obvious joke to make. Is it a good thing? Of course not. It shouldn’t even be a joke to make, but it’s there. I know this artist and I know he means no harm. We can’t please everyone, y’know?
  18. anlamasanda said: lol the people using ableist slurs to eyeroll your pointing this out
  19. kpaxx said: It’s part of a sequence of pony portraits linking the ponies to songs that are somehow related to the characters. The song Dare to be Stupid doesn’t actually portray anyone in a negative light at all, though I agree that this is in poor taste.
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  21. darkndangel9 said: I actually think she’s adorable here. And if it wasn’t for her name (seriously it’s Derpy?) and for the dare to be stupid. I would’ve thought she was just having fun.
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  23. reillymouse said: I don’t fully agree with your opinion on Derpy, but what people keep insisting about her just being seen as a pony with a lazy eye is bolocks. If that were true, then why is she called Derpy?
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    …He couldn’t find any other song to use for a ‘Derpy Hooves’ picture? (From now on I will call her Ditzy Doo, not any...
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    Would “Silly” have been so hard? Seriously?!
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  27. mythic-swirl said: Oh hey, Kevin Blocks Art(think thats his name)…. its always so surreal when one artist whose art I love talks about anothers… I don’t know wny that is though…
  28. reflectionoftheeluvian said: …but she’s not a “giant retard”… :C If anything, she has a lazy eye.
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