Thank you to everyone who came to the meetups and brought Ash and I fanart at MoCCA!

Shoutout to:

 diloolie (Hope our awesome evening cheered you up, thanks for the amazing Gabrielle fanart!) Check out her commissions here!

androgynedream (Your internal GPS is a lifesaver, and P.S. sorry you got cut off! Ash’s hair is too powerful!!)

strongbabydragon (Good luck in Austin, thanks so much for coming to the meetup!) 

spidermanzs (You look cute as ever! It was great to see you again!)

starsugars (Shirt sisters!!)

Ash and I are so sad to leave. We wish we could have meetups in NYC all the time…

P.S. I don’t have handy the URLS of everyone else who drew me art, but if you want me to credit you here please let me know in a comment. <3

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    EEEEEE IT’S A BETTER SCAN OF THE FANART I DID but AW YEEEE SHIRT SISTERS *U* I really wish I could have been able to...
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    So glad I made this! That and my navigation powers saves people YET AGAIN.
  8. androgynedream said: Man, I had a great time talking to you guys.