This is probably been my favorite scene I have ever drawn in “Sister Claire”.  In planning/working on it, I drew a lot from my personal experience of near-drowning in the ocean.  I was very anxious about drawing this because I have never drawn an ocean before, much less one being churned in a storm, and these panels would have to be extra dynamic and borderless to set Catharine’s mindscape apart from the “real” world.

I used a custom-made hatching brush and slightly surreal colors to give the whole scene an ominous feel that differentiated it from my usual comic style.  This tutorial on Deviantart was the inspiration for how I came up with my own formula for drawing waves and water.  It was intimidating at first, but I soon realized drawing water was much, much easier than I thought! Now I have another little trick in my repertoire if I ever need to draw it again.

I feel like I’ve come a really long way with the artwork since the comic started.  I’m both excited and nervous about all the other complex scenes we have planned for future pages, but hopefully they’ll come out as good as this one did!

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