A photo of me, Chloe (aka Nana-51) and the two Danys at this year’s Yaycon con in the Netherlands.  I think this was right after our comic panel.  We definitely made an interesting group.

I dressed up, Chloe dressed… sideways? I don’t even know. XD And the Danys dressed like vampires. Chloe and I were representin’ for the yuri artists and the Danys were there to promote their yaoi comics.  I helped them translate back and forth for them in Italian when they had trouble with the questions.

It was awesome.  Also, this photo makes me look bubblelicious.

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  2. rinacat said: There were a lot of times where I wish I could be there and meet you guys in person but knowing myself, I’d be too shy to go up and speak with you all. Either that or squeeling like a typical fangirl from afar.
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