There, that looks a little more stained glass-y.

Again, the grey boxes and pics of Claire on the left sidebar are placeholders for ads. What do you think?

  1. juh-emy answered: Maybe it would be better if the bg was a little faded, my eyes are pretty sensitive and a whole web page that colorfull hurts ^^”
  2. cephalopodqueen answered: it’s really pretty but the bright colors might be a little eye-strain-y. maybe mute it a little with a like, 7% opacity orange layer?
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  4. sisbee answered: Maybe the colors could be more muted? Also, is it possible to flip the bg so the comic and nav are on the left? I love the overall look!
  5. sassy1085 answered: cool :)
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  7. boozairob said: It’s nice in the menu and interactive stuff but it’s a bit much for the background - overwhelms the comic art, which is the point of the site
  8. lurz1995 answered: why are you even asking? is great, awesome and beautiful, just do it!!!!!!
  9. lovethisotp answered: looks good!! love the stained glass look :D
  10. superkip said: That looks so much better! Also since I read from left to right I first see the adds, as if that is the most important. I wouldn’t know an easy fix for that though with this lay-out (the bar on top), but it is something to think about?
  11. ghostersaurus answered: I think that looks really cool
  12. spoopanna answered: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh
  13. esmeraldt answered: Gorgeous.
  14. echowraith said: Fade out the background. It makes the links and images almost disappear against it
  15. tyler-quinn said: Noooo that background is making the entire page look incredibly cluttered.
  16. melicorn said: I would consider decreasing the saturation of you bg colors because they seem to be fighting with the comic page for attention.
  17. oktaviavseckendorff said: Looks good!
  18. kakuepsilon answered: Much better. It looks really rad, Yamino
  19. thezoog answered: I love it!
  20. ivysaurr answered: I like the filter itself, but I feel like some of the hues are bold enough to clash with your vibrant comic pages.
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