while i’m at it, here’s the second piece in the magical-girls-with-food series!

sweet cars?! coffee??? hot date by the beach?? my dreams.

For some reason I found myself thinking of this Utena AMV while working tonight.  I remember watching it back in highschool, before Youtube even existed. (MAJOR spoilers for “Revolutionary Girl Utena” and trigger warning for violence.)

It may have been made with limited video editing capability of the time, and the quality is low because internet videos had to be back then, but it’s still one of the best AMVs I’ve ever seen.



A girl who cannot become a princess is doomed to become a witch.

-Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Just marathoned this masterpiece; a postmodern fairy tale about altruism, femininity and breaking the cycles of abuse and learned helplessness.

Heartbreaking and empowering.



Himemiya… We finally meet.

I would really love posters of these blu-ray covers, but I can’t seem to find any scans of them bigger than these! I’m surprised even Ohtori.nu doesn’t have them.  I might just have to vector it myself eventually…


feel so mahou shoujo!!!

late night magical girl doodles

you can see them all together here





Characters: Utena & Anthy

Series: Revolutionary Girl Utena