My latest about events that transpired this weekend during anti-racist protests in The Netherlands. Content warning for racist photos, police brutality and depictions of violence on Black people.

For all the things I really love about the Netherlands, this nearly outweighs all of them. I’ve commented about my anger over this tradition before, but a lot of people still have no idea it goes on.  This extremely racist Christmas tradition is directly tied to Dutch colonization, and I cannot understand how it is still allowed to go on.

"Black Face Season" also happens in Belgium, where my parents live.  It’s horrendous.

How do you say “signing session” or “autograph session” in Dutch?

 I’m having trouble searching for reference photos of an artist signing session at the Paradiso in Amsterdam. The first teaser comic of “Nightingale” has a scene set there.

This is the only photo I could find, and it really doesn’t help me at all, since I can’t see much of the location:

Sweet location for a concert, though. Once a church, it is now an extremely hip music venue for up and coming artists:

I might have no choice but to go to a concert myself and take photos of the signing session. =P

I’ll take you guys to a very special place tomorrow.

No, it’s not a crack house.  Not anymore, anyway.


I’ll try to post some more pics tonight, but I may have to just go to sleep.

This one one of my favorite shots today, taken at a particularly overpriced cake and tea place.  (4 Euro for a pot of hot water!? Give me a BREAK)

At least they had nice furniture.


I like how when my brother and I rent a double room in Amsterdam, it’s automatically assumed that we want one with a giant porny picture over our (shared) bed.

You can turn on a pink light behind it, too.

About to start spamming Amsterdam reference photos

If you aren’t already, you should follow my “Nightingale,” research/sketchblog tumblr, JusticeIsBlind.

Coming up: Photos of the most incredible library you’ve ever seen, Amsterdam’s canals at night, and more.

Stay tuned for more Amsterdam photo spams coming in the next couple days while I continue my location research here!


To everyone in the Benelux (Belgium-Netherlands-Luxemburg) area!  I will be attending Yaycon on On the 27th of March again this year.

I’m also dragging Nana-51 (creator of “Go Get A Roomie”) with me!  Please come see us!  We’ll be in our little corner representing for the yuri section of the con.  Hopefully we’ll have more yuri artists this year than last time- the previous year I was the only one. XD;

This con has a special meaning for me, because it was at this convention that I found out that Gaga had tweeted my "Telephone" poster. (Which I had created especially to sell at this event, the day after “Telephone” came out!) =)



Winter Sun in Amsterdam