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Hi guys, it’s your trusty editor Shannon, and IT IS A BIG DAY FOR COVERS IN THE WORLD OF ADVENTURE TIME! 

We’ve got awesome ADVENTURE TIME #8 covers by the trusty Chris Houghton, indie superstar Drew Weing, the talented Colleen Coover, and superstar cartoonist Phil McAndrew coming at you!

In the world of MARCELINE AND THE SCREAM QUEENS #3, we have a RAD homage to Liz Phair’s “Exile in Guyville” from JAB, a sick concert poster from Yuko Ota, and a limited variant cover from the incredible Vera Brosgol. 

These are some of my favorite covers we’ve ever done, and you can get them all this September! ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM! 

Marceline and Bubbleguuuuummmmm bring it<3



Holy cow, #1’s not even out yet we get a look at these covers for #3. Good stuff. Thanks, Shannon.


Look at all of those princesses! It must be time for…THE ADVENTURE TIME #3 COVERS TO SPREAD LIKE THE FIRES OF LOVE ACROSS THE INTERNET! 

This time we have covers by the likes of Chris Houghton on the A cover, Elena Barbarich rocking the B, AT designer and comics extraordinaire Mike DeForge on the incentive C cover and Stephanie Bucema taking us home with Finn and Jake IN SPACE on the incentive D cover!

Guys, did you know the ADVENTURE TIME COMIC IS REAL?! I’m holding issue #1 in my hands like a puppy and I can’t wait for you all to see it and caress it and tell me how much you love it. Issue #1 goes on sale at your local comic book store next Wednesday, February 8th. These are all-new, all-original adventures, and if you buy them like you bought Pokemon cards in 6th grade, then we can keep making ADVENTURE TIME comics forever and ever amen. MAKE THAT HAPPEN, MY LOVELIES. HIT THAT REBLOG BUTTON! 

-Kisses and hugs, Shannon, your AT comic book editor

Well hey, Elena Barbarich eh? I hear she’s a nice gal ;)

*holds face*

Just breathe.


In my weekly column on Newsarama, Hey, That’s My Cape!,  I talk about pretty much anything having to do with comics. This week I had to start my column with the words, “It’s a tough time to be a woman who likes superhero comics.”

I’m fortunate to know a diverse group of people whose eyes are open to what’s going on in the world around us. Sexism, not just in comic books, but in the media at large. Of course comics are my main focus and something that has been in the news even more as of late.

People wonder why women like myself get so angry when we see things like this happen. I have a good guy friend who listens to his geeky girl friends when they tell him all the terrible things that are spewed at them on a daily basis (usually anonymously online). I will have to remind myself to think about what he just said to me, “You can’t fix stupid.” 

But it’s difficult.

It’s difficult when someone says, “Who cares?” about something you care a great deal about. If they don’t care at all, why are they bothering to fruitlessly add to the discussion? They say, “Go read something else.” But I *like* these characters. I want to read about *them*. “Males are demeaned just as much as females in comics.” If you really thought that, you wouldn’t be reading them or you’d be online complaining about it like we are. How about, “Comics will never be for women?

Hello, my name is Jill. I like comics. I like them so much I made a career out of them. Are they perfect? No, but I can certainly do my part to help make them better or more accessible for other women to read.

I don’t necessarily think people who don’t see sexism in comics at all or that don’t see it as a problem are stupid or neanderthals that need a few more centuries to evolve. Ok, maybe I do think that but I also like to give those people the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they just need to hear or see it in a certain way and then it will finally click? Or maybe their minds will never see it the way we do. It’s a hard thing to accept when you are so strongly in the opposite corner of the ring.

But then you run into someone (of any gender) online who does get it and who is or has become enlightened and it gives you hope. Yes, we’re not just spinning our wheels here, we’re not making things up and we’re not the only ones who want change. When the naysayers are calling you names or saying what you’re doing doesn’t count for anything, try and remember that.

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