Remember Connecticon!? Yeah, that was good times! Thank you everyone who came to see me and Ash!

In our downtime from the con, we hung out with our friends thefirstmccloud, nillia, and juudisu.  We visited Satan’s Kingdom, which is apparently a place you go tubing! I wish I could post pictures of us tubing, but I didn’t want to bring my camera into the river and my bathing suit is also disintegrating in unfortunate places, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

I’ve gone river tubing once before, but it was so long ago I barely remember it.  This time we went right after a huge rain, so the river was very high and moving very fast. It was was fun/terrifying (mostly fun though) and I would love to do it again.

Some more OC commissions…

An Elsa cosplayer bought a print from me just now and reached into her corset to pay for it.

So, for anyone wondering, that answers the question of where Elsa keeps her wallet.


OC commission!


Commission from Connecticon: Viking Anna!


Ahh! So, my brother’s at Conneticon with his friends. He went to the Sister Claire table because I asked him to check it out for me since I’m home in MA doing stuff like yard-work and trying to clean my mess around the house. He texts me a couple pictures, saying he’s found the booth and then he…

It was great meeting you, even if only over the phone. Hope to see you in person next time!


Hey all! For those interested in meeting me and Ash outside Connecticon, we are having dinner at 8:30 at Pho Boston! We would live to see you there!

Above is a commission I did today. Stop by and see us in the OMG hall, booth 207!


Finished! Now, off to the printers!

This will be availible at Connecticon! Come see us there! <3

P.S. T-shirt version coming soon!  It’s here!!

Designing a vending space: yet another thing they never teach you in art school.

Most of what I’ve learned about attending cons as a vendor I have acquired through observation and trial and error.  There’s many factors to consider:

  • What will make my work most visible and accessible?
  • Will the display be too heavy to transport together with my wares/personal luggage?
  • Will this who thing collapse and kill me?

And then there’s things you can’t account for, like rude-ass convention-goers sitting/putting their food on your display (please don’t fucking do this! ever!) and generally making a mess of your perfectly organized table.

I would like to someday collect a bunch of resources on creating your vending space.  If you have any, please send them my way!

My latest trick has been the good ol’ pipes and clamps display. it’s secure,comparatively light, lets you build very high, and can also be customized to different table shapes.


We’ll be in the Online Media Guest Hall (OMGH!) from July 11-13th!  Please come see us, we’ve got prints and are taking commissions. <3

Hey all! Just a reminder to come see us at Connecticon! Several other Hiveworks artists will be there, including savvyliterate and secondlina of Namesake and squidsalad of Ode!