Working on some Missing Moment chapter covers for the MoCCA book and eventually to post on the site when the new archive is up!

In addition to Sister Claire Book 1, this mini Missing Moment book will be available at my table Connecticon too!


Proof that I will draw anything if you throw money at me

Yamino at Connecticon!

I’ll be there every day along with most of the comic artists of Hiveworks (Including Namesake, Olympus Overdrive, and more!) in the Online Media Guest hall!

I’ll be taking commissions and selling prints!

P.S. If there are any specific prints you’d like to see, what are they? (There are several samples on my dA page)

P.S. Ash/Summerlighting will be there too! <3 We’re both really excited! Hope to see you there!  



Hipster Korra says, “Cosplaying a character from a show that’s already aired is too mainstream.”

Taken July 7, 2011 at Connecticon.

Oh hey, did you guys think with all this Marceline/Bubblegum spam that I forgot about Korra? Because I didn’t. <3