Yo but remember when Harley Quinn basically shat on gay bashing?

Oh my god, where is this from?

That one’s from Harley Quinn #22! Harley gets killed and goes to Hell, where she hooks up with some dead buddies and proceeds to plan a jailbreak. So Hell sics this crazed demonic enforcer on her, a bounty hunter from the Old West who even in death is obsessed with finding the one man who eluded him. After said bounty hunter annoyingly foils Harley’s escape plan, Harley finally asks him: “ffs, you’re dead, why are you so obsessed with finding this guy?” and it turns out that he wants revenge against the man who “corrupted” his son, aka his son’s boyfriend. And Harley’s like, “UM, DUH, YOU HAVEN’T FOUND HIM BECAUSE HE’S NOT IN HELL YOU BIGOTED DICKHEAD.” And then Harley proceeds to cause so much trouble in Hell that she winds up being banished back to the land of the living.

Because these are just the kind of things that happen to Harley.

Harley Quinn: Too Good For Hell

Harley fucking Quinn ya’ll

Break Into Comics With Harley Quinn and Rachel



Since they are clearly abusing the privilege, I’ve decided to take over Harley Quinn writing and editing duties from DC comics. 

Harley Quinn is no stranger to a little breaking and entering for a good time (Remember that time she turned over a whole Babeland store in an afternoon? Oh, how we laughed, and later cried when they found the bodies, but then laughed again at the undeniably hilarious slapstick of the situation.) and now, she’s going to help one talented artist break into comics with DC Entertainment’s Rachel’s Open Talent Search. That’s right, I’m looking for someone to draw one page of HARLEY QUINN #(Look, this is never going to be a real series, but bear with me) alongside some of comic’s most amazing talents, including Amanda Conner, Paul Pope, Bruce Timm, and a few other surprises, maybe even you!!  the Internet.

Beginning right now, I will be writing the madcap adventures of Harley Quinn, and I’ll need all the help I can get to handle her, since I have no particular desire to write an ongoing Harley Quinn comic and I can’t draw worth shit. If you think you’ve got what it takes to thumb your nose at a major comics publisher, then put on your working hat and start drawing now, because while no one important will see it, god knows none of us are getting any younger.

Submissions can be pencils; pencils & inks; pencils, inks & colors; photographs; sculpture; coloring-book pages; or interpretive or lyrical dance. Please keep in mind that the level of your work is pretty much irrelevant, so don’t feel the need to ink or color your work if you’re only confident in penciling you don’t feel like it.

Oh, and did I mention that I’ll be reviewing the submissions myself, while sobbing quietly? I’ll probably post them here, too.

Harley Quinn. One page. Published work. Breaking into comics was never this futile. ;)


Here’s how to enter:

1. Find a pencil or some crayons or a burnt stick or something. You know, whatever.

2. Read the following script page and give me your original artistic interpretation of what those four panels should look like on a single page:


4 panels

Harley Quinn, naked, in a bathtub, trying to make toast. She’s concentrating fiercely, as if the fate of the world depends on the outcome.

Harley Quinn, naked, feeding toast to an alligator during a thunderstorm as whales frolic in the distance.

Harley Quinn naked, in a bathtub, with a toaster. She is the toaster. She is the bathtub, and she is the universe, and she is god. Bow before her, and despair.

Harley Quinn at a drafting table. She’s drawing Jim Lee, naked, in a bathtub, with a toaster (configuration up to artist’s discretion). Should reflect classic Looney Tunes “Ain’t I a stinker!” ending in both tone and composition.

Hey, Overachievers! For extra credit, also draw these bonus panels!

Harley Quinn, trying to give a toaster a bath.

Harley Quinn, with a toaster, running the editorial department of DC Comics. Nudity optional but recommended.

Harley Quinn burns down the DC universe, flames reflected in her vacant eyes. Naked. With a toaster. Alligators optional but recommended.

Harley Quinn evolves into her final form, a celestial glowing sphere. “Seeya, puddins,” she says before bursting into a thousand stars.*
*Final panel description courtesy of DC Comics Shadow Government Editor-in-Chief Justin Pierce
3. Send me your artwork via the submission form here by October 1, 2013 whenever you feel like it, but the joke will probably be dead in a few weeks, so you might want to hurry.

This is my friend’s response to DC’s open talent search contest asking for submitters to draw a panel of Harley Quinn naked in a bathtub preparing to kill herself

I’m reblogging this for people who might be interested in participating in her satire contest. :)

I lost it at “Seeya, puddins!”




DC is fucking disgusting.

I think i only posted about this to my personal fb but, yeah. that

do you ever feel like a plastic bag



Why can’t *I* produce purple nipple lasers? I have great love in my heart.

That’s Fatality from Green Lantern Corps #14. I literally LOLed when I turned the page to see that.

Really? I can do it on cue.  I thought everyone else could.










(the text in the speech bubble says: “I basically spend like all day looking at lolcats on facebook, I’m such a huge nerd!)

im finally getting around to catching up on my favorite comics! but guess what’s waiting for me on the back cover. yes thats really what i wanted to find at the end of my jewish lesbian superhero comic guest starring wonder woman. thanks for reminding me how you really feel DC

jesus fuck are you kidding me

What the fuck is that shit? So what DC is saying is “Hey, hey chicks hey. Never give us your money again, ever.)

oh my fucking god DC really


i feel even LESS bad about downloading my comics now



ugh vomitorium


woooow, fuck you.

Batwoman is 1 of only 2 mainstream superhero comics I read, and it’s one of the most amazing comics I’ve ever read, both in writing and art, and now… I mean, why? Like somebody said, this is a Jewish lesbian hero featuring Wonder Woman. How out of touch can a company even BE?

This is from a company who launched a “Minx” ( an imprint of DC Comics that published graphic novels aimed at teenage girls) which did a belly flop after just one year, because they got old cis white guys to write stories about girls for girls.  To add insult to injury, their excuse was not that they did a terrible job of trying to market and create quality comics targeted to girls, but that a girl’s comic market doesn’t exist.  DC is ridiculously out of touch.

Coming right after Tony Harris’ rant about cosplaying girls, this couldn’t be more poorly timed.  I really don’t understand what DC is thinking.  It’s like they are actively trying to turn off any female fans.

The Battle of the Red Headed Bat Women! Preview of Batgirl #12


It’s finally here; the meeting of new 52 Batgirl and Batwoman. I’m kind of scratching my head as to why DC who hands exclusive previews as promotions all the time decided to throw this one up on their blog (but then again they threw up the preview for Batman #12 featuring Harper Row and art by Becky Cloonan).

Anyway, here you go Babs vs. Kate:

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Why are they fighting? I want them to be friends D:


turn_off by ~Agustinus

SuperGirl:” am i missing something? why everybody naked today?

BatGirl:”turn off your x-ray, girl”




Click here to read Tattered Remains - Part 2

Written by Valerie Renee, with illustrations by me, ScaryKrystal

This fan comic continues the pre-New52 Renee Montoya story. I really hope her fans enjoy it and feel like they get a little closure! Thanks for everyone’s patience and encouragement, and who have waited for this since we did Part 1 last year. We miss you Montoya!

And MEGA thanks to Val for writing this story and keeping the character alive. If DC won’t do it, it’s up to us fans! So please let us know what you think, and thank you for reading it!

And thanks to YOU for taking on such a labor-intensive art project! It came out so great, I couldn’t be happier.

Here you go, Internet, I really hope you enjoy :-)


Signal boostin, I know a lot of people will be very into this =D

According to One Comic Book Publisher, this Batwoman “looks fat”



Over on the Escher Girls blog, which does an amazingly consistent and good job of slicing and dicing comic book art featuring women, a submission was posted which blew my already cynical mind.

It was about a Batwoman piece that artist submitted for a portfolio review. The artist freely admits to not being the best artist in the world but wanted to get some feedback from portfolio reviews during SDCC.

I’ve stood and watched some portfolio reviews at conventions, and I’ve seen all levels of artists’ stuff -  from penciled images that makes your jaw drop with “you’ve got to be kidding me” to work that you can see real potential in.

You can check out more of her work on her DA page, but let’s focus on the comments she received in regard to this sketch of Batwoman.

I’d say that is fine portrait of Batwoman and, bonus, that no backs were broken in the production of it. Gail Simone said, “I like that Batwoman piece very much. I don’t know what the rest of the portfolio is like, but if you can tell a story as well, I would work with you any time.”

And now on to the feedback. You can read the whole thing over at Escher Girls but essentially the general feedback from the publishers was that it “wasn’t industry standard”. One company was more specific. Brace yourself: (Bolding mine.)

“Her breasts are much too small and do not have the lift that superhero women should have. Her jawline is fat and her neck much too long. The style of her hair is clunky and does not flow in a sense that a super human would. Her hips, waist and thighs are too big and she honestly looks fat. No one is going to want to read a comic with a fat female protagonist. I honestly recommend looking at issues of Sport’s Illustrated to get the right anatomy. Those women are the peak of human perfection, and that is what we want in this industry.”

You know I could post a few recent covers that show off female characters and their lack of anatomy (and backs and normal size asses) but I don’t even think I have too. And the fat comment? Look at the waist — does that look anyone who could be reasonably considered overweight?

And remember we don’t know which comic company this is. Could be a big two, could be an indie.

That said I am not the least bit surprised. Not when I was told by an artist who works at a big two company that an another artist was not given a gig on a female led book because a senior executive didn’t think the artist “drew women ‘sexy enough’”

And there are other tales I’ve been told. But I’ll save them for another day.

The debate about how women are drawn in comics seems to never end. And each time it comes up I am heartened by the folks who get it and then brought down to earth by the amazingly cluelessness of others - both men and women. Kelly’s column on the topic over on CBR practically broke the internet but if you haven’t read it you should. But prepare yourself for some of the comments.

And look this post isn’t about having artists who aren’t ready for the big time getting a pass. This isn’t about female artists and comics. This isn’t about disagreeing that there is a hyper-realism in comics. Of course there is, I know absolutely no one is real life who flies or has the ability to stop a missile with their bare hands. This is about how there is a fundamental disconnect by some people in comics when it comes to the depiction of women. Not by all. But even one like the person who commented on the Batwoman piece is too much.

The whole “use sexy female models as references for drawing women” advice keeps popping up, and it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Unless you’re living in some strange all-male commune, you will see real women over the course of your daily life, and just paying attention will give you a fairly good idea of what women look like.

I don’t understand artistic advice that perpetuates the status quo. How is that creative?