My Little Sweetheart - Lyraby `emlan

Since I can’t do anything tonight I’ll just post pictures by artists who inspire me. <3





My Little Sweetheart is a collaborative effort among some of the fandom’s talented artists to bring you your favorite ponies re-imagined as sexy humans!

Names include those of John Joseco, thelivingmachine02, KevinSano, Emlan, eryhel, slugbox, Carnifex, MegaSweet, and many more! For the full artist list just check out

The art book features 50 pinups of your favorite main cast ponies and background characters, each stunningly rendered and waiting just for you to take them home!

For only $25 on, you will be doing your part to donate all the profits to charity.


People stumble over me now and then even though I’m not active on tumblr so let’s reblog this badboy since I contributed!

I drew a picture for this, too! It’s a Trixie pinup. ;D


ponykoma - otherkin girlfriendby `emlan

I love this meme about Lyra being… whatever the opposite of a furry is.

My life is now divided into two parts:

Life before ponies,


Life AFTER ponies.

I was just dancing to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme, and I realized I was mentally categorizing all the characters as the mane cast of MLP.

And then I realized that I can’t watch any show, read any comic, or even HANG OUT WITH A GROUP OF FRIENDS without eventually wondering “Now, which which pony do they each correspond to?”