My Little Sweetheart is a collaborative effort among some of the fandom’s talented artists to bring you your favorite ponies re-imagined as sexy humans!

Names include those of John Joseco, thelivingmachine02, KevinSano, Emlan, eryhel, slugbox, Carnifex, MegaSweet, and many more! For the full artist list just check out

The art book features 50 pinups of your favorite main cast ponies and background characters, each stunningly rendered and waiting just for you to take them home!

For only $25 on, you will be doing your part to donate all the profits to charity.


People stumble over me now and then even though I’m not active on tumblr so let’s reblog this badboy since I contributed!

I drew a picture for this, too! It’s a Trixie pinup. ;D

I was going through my art prints to make an ad for my new art print store, when I realized… I really like drawing girls lying on the ground with their friends…

Maybe it’s to make up for the fact that I never got to do that with my friends! D:

You can buy these prints and more on my online store! More prints coming soon!

Valentines Day part 1


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OMG the last panel, I’m dead XD


I had a little too much fun with this…  Now imagining some amazing class for kids where ponies are used to teach them about different sexualities and gender fluidity/identity.



(708): Hate is such a strong word! I prefer to think that you strongly dislike me due to the honesty I show towards your routine shortcomings of success in life.



resting in the lawn!

I know this picture probably wasn’t intended as an all-white version of my drawing, but it still irks me to see every pony humanized as light-skinned.


and done :)

phew!! did a lot of portfolio work today so i figured as a reward i could finish this :)

I know this is probably related to the latest episode (which I haven’t seen yet) your humanized!ponies are so cute and pretty. <3


A lot of people were asking where Twilight Sparkle was in the last photo set, I found some pics of the group including her. 

The costumes were made by Yaya (fittingly cosplaying as Rarity.) She sells a lot of accessories you can use for pony cosplays! 

Pony ears
Pony ears & Unicorns
Pony ears & wings
Wings only



Ahhh best My Little Pony cosplay ever

Ahh!! <3