I tought about it and drew this at modern art history class.

I never thought I’d see this crossover, haha. xD 

Why would you WANT to keep your hair from puffing up though? Puffy hair is more powerful…

Sailor Mew







I really fucking adore this.

that’s it. I’m doing this story. 

When you say “doing” it do you mean a fanfic? I’d love to read it.

By the way, there’s a lot more Sailor Mew art and comics in my Sailor Mew tag. =)


Ohhhh what if the Crystal Doges met the Sailor Mews?? That’d be wiiiiild…


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Weren’t they on the cover of Libro One though?

You’re right, they are! But not in full detail.


Because you are so attentive, I’ll give you a sneak peek at the outer scout Sailor Mew cat charms:



I asked the jewelry engineer at NekoJin Designs take the Sailor Kitty charms I bought from Yamino and make them into a charm bracelet!  

It looks great and I wear it every day!  Sailor Scouts AND kitties!  In one!  On my arm!!

Aww! This is so cool! I love seeing what people make out of them!  Earrings, necklaces, keychains, phone charms, pet tags, zipper pulls… they can go on pretty much anything!


Many people were asking what the kanji on each Sailor Mew’s coin said! Here is a little graphic I made to put next to the charms at conventions. =D

Interestingly, Venus Kitty has been my bestseller! I had thought it would be Mercury or Jupiter (for their unique designs) but I guess more people care about getting some extra luck in love. XD

Heroescon and Meetups in Charlotte, NC!


Ash and I will be at the Artist Alley in Heroescon from Friday to Sunday! Look for the giant Sister Claire banner!

I’ll have all my Sailor Mew charms, and several Sister Claire/Adventure Time/MLP/misc fandom prints! (Including a lot of femslashy stuff!)



If you aren’t coming to the con but will still be in Charlotte this weekend and want to come meet me and Ash, we will have meetups!

Meetup times and locations:

Tonight! Thurs, 6th June: 9:30 at Fruiticup

Fri, 7th June: 8:00 at Pho Hoa

Sat, 8th June: 8:00 at Pho Hoa

I can’t wait to see you there! =)

A lot of people have mentioned wanting to cosplay as Luna from my my Sailor Mew AU, or some Sister Claire characters, but as of yet, I haven’t seen one at cons!  Most of them are pretty easy too (Claire and most of the nuns have really simple designs), but some of them could also be a fun challenge for cosplay experts!

So here is some incentive.  If anyone comes to my table at future conventions dressed as any of my characters, I will give you a hug and a free sketch. <3

At last, my Sailor Mew charms have arrived!  People stopping by my table at Anime Boston this weekend will have the first shot at buying one! I have very limited quantities (just over 20 of each design) but if they are popular I will make more, including charms based on the Outer Scouts! (These will also eventually be available online!)

The charms have many uses, you can use them for necklaces, earrings, zipper pulls, phone straps, the sky is the limit!

As Winkle is modeling above, they also make cute accessories to give your own cats some good luck. <3

I don't really know where to go to ask about the Sailor Mews... Anyway, where did you come up with the idea for the Mews? Did the SM reboot inspire you to do it? I thought of a really cute idea for later on when you do Mamoru/Tuxedo-kitty, how about a before and after picture? The before being when Usagi and Mamoru couldn't stand each other and the after well obviously when they fall for each other. Tell me what you think, okay? Ciao ;3

Yes, I was inspired by all the hype about the new Sailor Moon.  Or rather, I started rewatching the original to have it fresh in my mind, and I became a  big fan of Luna and her close relationship with Amy:

imageand I had this weird idea, what if their species were flipped?


After that I wanted to design everyone else, and a different story evolved out of it.

As for your idea, it sounds cute! You should totally draw it. =)