A second Rainbow Rocks short has been posted! In “Guitar Centered”, Rainbow Dash and Trixie Lulamoon compete in a ‘shred-off’.

Trixie would have won fair and square, Rainbow Dash cheated by turning into a furry…. >8(


You would not believe what a pain in the ass it was to stand all these up together. Every time I thought I got them arranged, the last one I put down would knock the rest all over like bowling pins.

You know what else you would not believe? Some of these cost $40-$70 each.  D:  I got them back in the good ol’ days when I lived with my parents and didn’t have to pay for my own rent or food… Treasure those days, kids.  Seriously.


I drew this for the “My Little Sweetheart” Book # 1.

Some Alicorn!Trixie and Alicorn Twilight sketchdumps. I started a comic about Trixie’s reaction to Twilight’s winged upgrade, but it got reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally long and I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to inking it properly.  I wish I was better at writing fanfic, some of my ideas are just too long for short, casual comics!





The story of a lonely pony: Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon

Now that they are releasing official versions of all my favorite ponies (Trixie, too!) maybe I’ll hang on to the hope there will be an official Queen Chrysalis someday…

I like how JJ draws Princess Luna in an awesome military uniform.  I’m liking the Trixie pics, too. <3

At first I was going to make Fleur Delacour be the Harry Potter addition for this snotty girls photoset, but then I was like… no. It’s Draco.



(708): Hate is such a strong word! I prefer to think that you strongly dislike me due to the honesty I show towards your routine shortcomings of success in life.


Finally finished that picture for the MLP humanized pinup collab, which will be eventually be availible as an artbook (no longer a calendar.)  Here’s a teensy preview of my pic.

…Now ,onto other late projects. @_@