somebody please tell me how a twilight porn fanfiction ended up as a best seller and got a movie adaptation

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This really is an interesting case study into marketing and internet sociology. When people say “Eew why do we have to study trashy books like this in accredited literature programs” this is the reason. This is the phenomena you should be absorbing and dissecting when your college professor wants to do a Twilight unit.

This is an absolutely fascinating chronology of something fandom culture, and technically off the mainstream radar, finding its way into the mainstream and affecting it. That reddit post is basically literary and historical analyses, but in a micro-culture that’s easily accessible to today’s youth, many of whom are more actively involved with an online fandom culture than say…. older audiences, who have more degrees of separation from them b/c they’ve learned to avoid the drama.

This was educational.

For any girl growing up who pays attention to the media, it’s a terrifying time to understand what it means to be a girl in society. From Rush Limbaugh, they’ve learned that they are prostitutes and “sluts” for wanting birth control and healthy reproductive options for women. From Todd Akin, they’ve learned that their bodies can magically judo chop any unwanted side effects of rape and that women somehow can be “illegitimately” raped. From Paul Ryan, they’ve learned that rape is just “another method of conception,” which should be news to the makers of the Kama Sutra. And then Rape Culture Super-Defender Mike Huckabee chimed in by saying that “rape can create extraordinary people,” because young women everywhere desperately needed his opinion on this issue. Thanks, Huck.


Another My Little Pony inspired drawing. I’m not sure why it’s ponyCelestia and humanTwilight. At some point in the process of the drawing I pretty much went “screw logic this is pretty”. 

I love them in your style! <3





kstew is like please robert just stick to the press junket for once PLEA- fine

no one hates Twilight more than Robert, I swear.

I love his hair the way he has it here….. Is that an undercut or a trick of the light?

The point is I like it better when he’s not a seventeen year old woobie who desperately needs a haircut

Long live rpatz

Worst movies, best cast.



resting in the lawn!

I know this picture probably wasn’t intended as an all-white version of my drawing, but it still irks me to see every pony humanized as light-skinned.




i’m sorry

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Something about dem Twilight crossovers, man, I tell ya.

I was waiting for this crossover. xD





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I will never get tired of the face swaps. XD